Bespoke Creations


n.Old English smið “blacksmith, armorer, one who works in metal” (jewelers as well as blacksmiths), more broadly, “handicraftsman, practitioner of skilled manual arts”, from Proto-Germanic *smithaz “skilled worker” (cf. Old Saxon smith, Old Norse smiðr, Danish smed, Old Frisian smith. Attested as a surname since at least c.975.
v.Old English smiðian “to forge, fabricate, design,” from the source of smith (n.). Related: Smithed ; smithing.

True to the ancient art of ‘Smithing’ our own ‘Whipsmiths are masters in handcrafted ice-cream with considerable experience in bespoke creations, so whatever your requirements, from the simple to the complicated we are here to help. Whether its matching ice-cream to a particular theme, reflecting your brand colours or recreating your product as an ice-cream we would love to explore options with you.

‘Kryptonite’ ice-cream for a superheros ball, Desperados Tequila Lime & Mint ice-cream, Mint Mojito sorbet, Tesco’s Finest Blue Cheese, Walnut & Syrup ice-cream, ‘Johnnie Walker Spice Road’ with Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt & Caramel ice-cream and ‘Balvenie Triple Cask’ whisky with Honeycomb & Rosemary ice-cream with Candied Ginger topping are just a few of our recent creations for clients.

Whether it’s 1 or 1000 litres, all our ice-cream is handcrafted to order and far from being a gimic product, our bespoke ice-cream creations are made with the same base creams and high quality ingredients as all our extraordinary ice-cream which has previously been awarded 2 Gold Stars in the Great Taste Awards, the epicurean equivalent of the Oscars.

Please call us on 0845 45 000 55 or contact us to discuss your individual requirements.