Liquid Nitrogen Ice-Cream

Made with the finest quality ingredients and liquid nitrogen to ensure a superior ice-cream with a delectably smooth and creamy texture.

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Fresh Frozen Yoghurt

Made with Natural Greek Yoghurt and Fresh Ingredients our frozen yoghurts are heave in a bowl.

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Speciality Drinks

Luxuriously thick ice-cream milkshakes, freshly prepared fruit & vegetable smoothies and our decadent signature hot chocolate.

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Ice-Cream Sundaes

An inspired range of ice-cream sundaes, lovingly made with scoops of freshly prepared ice-cream and fresh ingredients.

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Liquid Nitrogen Sorbets

Light and refreshing our sorbets are made with natural fruit purees or the finest fruit cordials and boast a texture as soft as the Himalayan snow.

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Hot Desserts

Indulge yourself on our freshly prepared range of pancakes and waffles, served with fresh fruits and a scoop of our extraordinary ice-cream

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Artisan Teas & Coffee

A select range of ‘TeaPigs’ tea and barista prepared artisan coffees, specially sourced for optimum quality.

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