Whipsmiths are actively looking to expand in the UK and overseas through new strategic partnerships with local franchisees and licencees. We are looking for territorial leaders with a strong demonstrable track record of success who can recognise an exceptional business opportunity and who have the depth of talent required to drive dynamic business growth through directly franchising or licencing our brand in their local markets.

By becoming a Whipsmiths franchisee/licencee, you will be in an enviable position to satisfy your clients desire to experience all that liquid nitrogen ice-cream can offer; the spectacular visual theatre, the create your own experience and a superior tasting product. This you can achieve by using our tried-and-tested formula, our brand image, our knowledge, and all our industrial and intellectual property rights to build a solid business.

Becoming a Whipsmiths franchisee offers you:

A proven business system that has generated continuous positive results and unique return-on-investment.
A complete business start-up package including sales & marketing support, customised set-ups with patented machinery, technical know-how ,product portfolio, ingredient & material supply, pricing strategy, back up products and operational & financial systems.
Protected Industrial and Intellectual Property rights
The assurance that you have a serious, knowledgeable and dedicated franchisor team to offer full training and support in all preparatory and operational aspects of the business. From business launch to management and development of your territory.
The opportunity to form part of a franchise system with a successful track record in Europe
The benefit of utilising fully developed sets of policies and procedures thereby reducing the risk of failure
The knowledge that you can successfully replicate the concept and our success should you wish to
Continuous R & D to develop new business propositions in this sector and further product and machine development.

If you would like to find out more about the opportunity then please contact:

Damon Thomas
Whipsmiths Franchising
t. +44 (0) 203 675 2881