Our Story

It was in London in 2010 that our founding director, Bradley Smith committed to the dream of creating the world’s best ice cream company.

Recognising that the use of liquid nitrogen not only affords visual theatre and the customer the opportunity of creating their own flavour, but also results in a far superior texture. Bradley a design engineer, set about designing the first prototype of the “Whipsmith”, a custom built machine that would harness the power of liquid nitrogen to deliver individually handcrafted portions of ice cream and sorbet.

Armed with nothing more than a cordless drill, his Nan’s old record player, a tank of nitrogen and a pot of organic cream he set to work in his garage and endless doodles, countless experiments and a few ice cream explosions later, the Whipsmith was a reality.

After sourcing the finest cream from some of the best cows in the UK he searched far and wide, scouring some of the far distant corners of the world to discover quality ingredients that could make interesting and tasty flavours.

Custom Creams was launched and we started selling extraordinary ice cream at food and music festivals around the UK. In 2012 a chance meeting between Bradley and a fellow foodie, Damon Thomas became the catalyst for a new partnership and new investment into the company. The following two years witnessed rapid expansion with improvements to the technology, the addition of new mobile carts and new relations with corporate partners who wanted to utilise the theatre and quality of the product to engage with their own audiences.

At the beginning of 2015, the company was rebranded to Whipsmiths to coincide with the launch of the first concept Café at Egham in Surrey and in spring of 2015 the first franchised outlets were trialled in the Algarve, Portugal. Further outlets are in the pipeline across Europe, the Middle East and beyond.


WHIPSMITHS is all about the art of the Extraordinary. The name itself reflects the ancient art of ‘Smithing’, where the use of ‘smith’ as a suffix connotes a meaning of a specialised craftsman.

The original concept of bespoke ice cream, handcrafted for the customer in an extraordinary display using only the finest ingredients created the foundations for the WHIPSMITHS brand, and today everything we do is measured against the basic principle of being extraordinary.

  • Extraordinary in terms of the quality of taste and texture of the products we serve.
  • Extraordinary in terms of the use of high quality as opposed to low cost ingredients.
  • Extraordinary in terms of the customer experience we offer, from the USP of ‘creating your own’ flavour to the theatre of watching your ice cream be handcrafted with liquid nitrogen.
  • Extraordinary in the way that we treat our customers, always striving to exceed expectations.
  • Extraordinary in the way that we treat our colleagues, ensuring that we always pay above the minimum wage and provide a safe, fun and enjoyable place to work.
  • Extraordinary in the way that we manage and develop the organisation, achieving international success through the operation of local business.


Our extraordinary ice cream tends to leave a lasting impression on all our customers and we take great care to ensure that this is for all the right reasons and never the wrong ones.

That’s why we operate the strictest health and safety protocols and do everything we possibly can to use sustainable and recyclable products and equipment.


We operate a strict code of health and safety and are accredited under the Safe Contractor scheme, Membership Number TW6560.


We are constantly striving to reduce our impact on the environment and seeking new ways to recycle, use sustainable materials, smart machinery and renewable energy.

Supporting Local Farmers

It is important to us that all our milk and cream comes from British dairies. The quality of our base cream plays a large part in the overall quality of our ice cream and we are proud that we use the same supply source today that we used for the very first ice cream.