Ice Cream

We combine the highest quality cream base with only the finest ingredients and the temperature properties of liquid nitrogen (-197degrees) to ensure a superior ice cream with a delectably smooth, dense and creamy texture, unlike anything you will have ever experienced before.

Choose from over three thousand possible combinations from our extensive larder of fresh, seasonal and outright quirky ingredients to customise your perfect ice cream flavour.


Light and refreshing, our sorbets combine high quality mineral waters with only natural fruit purees or the finest fruit cordials containing pressed fresh fruits, freshly picked flowers and cooked spices. We don’t do artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

What’s more they are dairy free, fat free and beyond being packed full of flavour, they offer a sublime texture that will charm your palate.

Frozen Yoghurt

Unlike many Fro-Yo bars who use artificial ingredients, our frozen yoghurts are made with Natural Greek Yoghurt and fresh, natural ingredients. With a wide range of flavour options to choose from, you are guaranteed to find something to suit every taste and every portion is freshly prepared to order.

Completely customisable, deliciously tasty, this is heaven in a bowl!

Hot Desserts

An indulgent range of freshly made, fluffy bubble waffles and warm pancakes, topped with your favourite fresh fruits, sauces and finished with whipped cream and a generous scoop of ice cream.

Offering classics like the lemon and sugar pancake to the slightly unusual savoury cheese and ham pancake.

Speciality Drinks

Our range of speciality drinks includes:

Luxuriously Thick Milkshakes – Each made with a blend of three scoops of freshly prepared ice cream, fresh milk, your choice of ingredients, and an option of whipped cream to finish.

Fresh Fruit Smoothies – Freshly prepared smoothies, made the best quality fruit and fresh apple juice to give you the ultimate health and taste benefits.

Signature Hot Chocolate – A decadent hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and offered with a choice of additional flavourings.

Artisan Tea and Coffee

It’s not just our ice cream that is extraordinary. We wanted our tea and coffee to be extraordinary too, and so we went to great lengths to source the best teas and the most flavoursome coffee beans we could find.

Whipsmiths Select Blend Coffee

Our coffee is made with a beautifully smooth blend of beans from Brazil, El Salvador and India roasted slightly beyond medium to ensure plenty of body, a good sweetness and a little acidity.

The result is a smooth, non-bitter coffee with lovely notes of caramel and chocolate, that is excellent with milk and alone as an espresso that is strong yet smooth.

‘Teapigs’ Tea

Fed up with the fact that there is a whole world of tea out there that was not getting the recognition it deserved, plus tired of the flavourless slop that is crushed into dust and crammed into the nations teabags, we wanted to offer our customers something more.

Tea drinkers deserve better – real whole leaf tea, so we are proud to serve Teapigs, the leading super premium tea brand.

Ice Cream Sundaes

Our ice cream sundaes are made with scoops of freshly prepared ice cream and the finest quality ingredients, beautifully presented in contemporary sundae glasses and always topped with a Rossini curl.

Choose from our traditionally inspired range including the Banana Split, Mocha Mocha, Strawberry Delight, Bounty Berry, After 8, and Salty Camel. Or why not create one of your own, by combining your choice of individual ingredients.