The Whipsmith

The Whipsmith is a purpose designed liquid nitrogen ice cream machine, allowing operators to handcraft individual portions of ice cream to each customer’s exact ingredient combination in just 30 seconds.

Making ice cream with liquid nitrogen is not new, science teachers have been making “instant ice cream” much to the delight of their students for years and it’s a trend amongst Avant-garde chefs who practice molecular gastronomy, however only a few have brought this into a retail environment.

Those that have, have been subject to the limitations of commercial food mixer technology (usually a Kitchen Aid), where batches of ice cream are produced to be sold straight from a bowl or transferred to a display freezer for sale later in the day.

Kitchen Aids (or variations of) have large steel bowls, which represent a large thermal mass that needs to be cooled before the cream starts to freeze, they are wasteful in terms of ingredients and the mixing apparatus need to be detached and washed between servings reducing potential output.

The Whipsmith resolves these issues by using a revolutionary and patented mixing process to churn and freeze the ice cream or sorbet inside the cup in which it is to be served, thus making possible the art of creating bespoke portions.