Our carts are the portable workstations we use that allow us to bring our liquid nitrogen ice cream and other concoctions to practically anywhere. We have two sizes and will bring to the event whichever best suits the location and the number of guests to serve. If however, you have an event which requires a custom install, we are more than capable of retro-fitting our machines onto anything, from a custom exhibition kiosk or shop counter to something extreme such as an aeroplane’s wing!

Mobile Carts

What we call our ‘Double Carts’ have a pair of machines mounted on them and we use these for the majority of our events. Measuring 1.5m wide by 0.9m deep, they are easily wheeled into position by our team and sit smartly in any location.

For smaller locations, or those with fewer guests, we can use our ‘Single Carts’, simply providing a single machine for your event. Measuring 0.9m wide by 0.8m deep, these are capable of getting through smaller doorways and snug office corridors.

For that more eccentric, mad-scientist look, we have our affectionately known Heath Robinson cart. This is one of our Double Carts given a completely custom built steam-punk exterior, complete with moveable parts. *If you have a particular theme you would like us to build onto one of our carts then this is something we can offer.

Ice Cream Chest

Our handcrafted wooden chest holds inside something better than treasure, so it too must look the part. Made from reclaimed wood and finished to a high standard, measuring 0.9m wide by 0.6m deep. It doesn’t have quite the magic and theatre of our live mobile carts service but we guarantee our ice cream inside will be just as memorable.

Cocktail Bars

With our frozen cocktail services we use the same mobile carts as our ice cream and sorbet service, but shrouded in our handcrafted wooden bar. Made in-house and by hand from reclaimed timber, our bar is finished to a high quality, has a real touch of rustic charm about it and so sits tastefully in any venue.

With our traditional cocktail bar service you can get our handcrafted bar, or you also choose from our more generic bars, such as Standard Black, or coming soon a Chesterfield and Mirrored bar.