Want to learn what the general public think about a product you are launching, or looking to get your brand noticed? We have worked alongside brands to deliver bespoke experiential marketing campaigns.

We are able to deliver multi-day and multi-venue services, offering tailored solutions dependant on your product or marketing goal. We are able to set up in the trickiest of locations to the grandest of exhibition halls and shopping centres. Engaging customers with exciting products that allow a brand’s team to interact and deliver or attain the information they need to.

For example, in partnership with Colgate’s new sensitive toothpaste, we were involved in a multi-venue campaign, run over several long weekends during the course of 2014 and again in 2016. Different flavours of ice cream were produced fresh on site throughout the day including the ‘world’s most sensitising ice cream’. In total over 40,000 ice creams and product demonstrations were given during the life of the two campaigns, which was highly successful for customer engagement and a lot of fun.