Would you like mealworm with that sir?

Writen by Whipsmiths.

We often get asked to do some interesting things which have included turning alcohol brands into ice-cream, creating a lamb & mint ice-cream for a BBC journalist and we once did a goats cheese and walnut ice-cream for Tesco, but this week we have been asked to do the strangest one yet – Wait for it……………….

Insect Ice-Cream!!

The desired menu we were asked for (and this is genuine) included:

Choc Hopper: Smooth chocolate ice cream with grasshopper chunks
Scurry Berry: Blueberry and raspberry ice cream with a mix of insect bits
Strawberries and Swirls: Fresh strawberry ice cream with cream and meal-worm swirls
Nutritious Neapolitan: Mixed critters in strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice cream

We were not altogether disappointed when the client didn’t proceed – its not one I feel our customers are missing out on!!